About Stephanie

In a Nutshell
I am a yoga teacher and reiki practitioner based in the Greater Boston area. 

Why Yoga? 
I grew up a global nomad, a military brat that hopped between Europe and Asia for most of my life.
My life has made me a teacher of adaptation and change, confidence and vulnerability, grounding and instability, impermanence and loss, grace and grit. 
I settled in the Greater Boston area in early 2014, planting roots deep in the New England soil.
It was this move to Boston that transformed yoga from a "good workout" to something much deeper, more meaningful, and profoundly life changing. Yoga became a practice.
A steady yoga practice helped me create space around the hold chronic anxiety had on my life. 
I quit my corporate marketing job soon after the move to dedicate my life to helping people feel good in their bodies and create space and breathing room to align their souls. 
Learn more about my journey and how yoga changed my life. 

Through my work, I strive to educate and guide practitioners on accessible ways to safely build and increase strength, stability, flexibility, mobility, and mindfulness to walk each day with a little more peace and ease. 


  • Yoga: I specialize in teaching vinyasa, yin, and restorative yoga with an emphasis on dynamic movement, healthy alignment, and structural integration. We move and explore in a mindful and purposeful way on the mat to help create more breathing room, steadiness, and ease in our minds and bodies off the mat.
  • Meditation: Meditation is learning how to train your attention in a compassionate way and improve your ability to be present in your life. Studies have shown that meditation helps to physically remodel the brain - to help create new neural pathways and increase gray matter that will help keep your mind sharp. A meditation practice can alleviate stress and anxiety, improve sleep and decision making skills, and help release emotional weight. 
  • Yoga Nidra: This ancient yogic science is also known as the "Sleep of the Yogi" where students are gently guided into the transformational and healing space between sleep and awareness. I guide students into effortless and serene rest using systematic yogic meditation techniques that help brain waves slow down and the body's relaxation response to turn on, bringing about a state of heartfelt calm, clarity, and stillness on a physical and energetic level. . 
  • Reiki: Reiki is a beautiful healing modality and complementary energy medicine practice. As an attuned Reiki practitioner in the western lineage of Hayawo Takata, I act as a facilitator of this universal life force energy, helping to improve the flow and balance of energy in your body in a beneficial way. 

Working Together
My purpose is to help people feel good in their bodies and create greater ease in their lives.  

How can I help you create ease and breathing room in yours? 

Public Teaching Schedule



 *Currently on maternity leave from weekly classes*
Please see my Events page for upcoming workshops


Substitute Instructor
Play Yoga l Peabody
FLow Yoga l  Peabody
Sweet Balance l Wakefield
The Point l East Boston
Lexington Power Yoga l Lexingon



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Private Sessions

Personal attention, flexibility, and convenience. 

Whether it's yoga or reiki for 45, 60, or 75 minutes - we'll work together to create a one-on-one experience to address exactly what your body, mind, and soul need at a time that best fits your life. 

I am also available for semi-private sessions if you prefer to practice with a small group of family or friends. 

For all the ways we can work together privately, see my Services page.

Certifications & Trainings

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
November 2017
Jacqui Bonwell, Canton Yoga Shala

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training
June 2017
Sagel Urlacher, Canton Yoga Shala

50 Hour Restorative Specialty Teacher Training
March 2017
Jillian Pransky, YogaWorks NYC

Yin Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training
January 2017
Sagel Urlacher, Canton Yoga Shala

Balanced Athlete Level I Certification
October 2016
Johnny Gillespie, Canton Yoga Shala

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
May 2016
Bec Conant, Chakra Power Yoga

Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training
May 2016
Alexis Marbach, YogaWorks Boston

100 Hour Barre Teacher Training
March 2016
The Barre School at Barre & Soul

The Art of Assisting Training Program & Apprenticeship
October 2015 - February 2016
Einat Peled-Katz and Lisa Miller, Down Under School of Yoga

Level I Reiki Attunement
September 2015
Pat Iyer, Reiki Master

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
January - July 2015
The Yoga School at Barre & Soul

Continuing Education

The Art of Yoga: Why We Pose
December 2016
Alexandria Crow, Lexington Power Yoga

Yin and the Art of Meditation
March 2016
Josh Summers, Ahh Sweet Balance

Retrain Your Brain: Meditation 101
November 2015
David Magone, Barre & Soul

Sequencing & Assisting
October 2015
Annakathryn Carlson, Yoga Sakti

Yoga for Runners
September 2015
Sarah Lowell Harmon, North End Yoga

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