A Life Lived Off Balance

"Chronic pain is chronic exhaustion from trying to have chronic control." -Caroline Myss

We can more easily control our identity, persona, and presence online, and there is comfort in that. However, chronic exhaustion from trying to have chronic control can take a toll. 

Our devices don't define us, and our lives in the real world are so much richer than what can be experienced online.

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Worthiness & Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

When we give something a name, it's no longer this abstract "thing" lingering in the mist. 
It becomes real. It becomes tangible.
We can face a fear more boldly when we know what the fear actually is. 

Fear ultimately puts us in our own way.
We, ourselves, become our biggest roadblock to success, to happiness that we deserve. 

We define our worthiness. No on else. 

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Abundance, Burnout & Pruning the Garden of Your Life

Trimming back can have a transformative impact on overall health and fruitfulness, both in your backyard garden and the garden of your life.

The practice of pruning is doing more with less. Doing away with what no longer serves helps to refocus energy and effort to more essential and productive places in your life. 

Spring is a time to nourish the soil of your soul for a radiant spring awakening. 

It is your birthright to bloom.

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Your Yoga Practice Makes the World a Better Place

When we show up to our mats, we show up as we are that moment.
Not how we felt yesterday, not how we hope we'll feel tomorrow.
We show up as we are, and we meet ourselves as we are on our mats with compassion, patience, and kindness.  

This world needs more kindness, compassion, and patience.

What you are bringing out into the world after our yoga practice helps make the world a better place. 

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