Heavily Meditated

In the weeks leading up to my first stay at Kripalu, I was waking up a few times a week in the middle of the night in a blind panic. Heart rate pounding in my forehead, covered in a film of cold sweat, my breathing borderline hyperventilation.

Since returning from Kripalu, I haven’t had one panic episode.
Not a single one.

And I have meditation to thank.

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Beyond Fancy Poses

What we are doing on our mats in yoga class is so much more than a physical workout. We are practicing essential life skills to help us off the mat. 

Everything we do on our mats can help us feel more present, connected, balanced, and strong in the studio of our lives. When we move and breathe in class, we are imprinting resilience and wherewithal into the fabric of our beings.

Our practice teaches us to respond rather than react. 

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A Life Lived Off Balance

"Chronic pain is chronic exhaustion from trying to have chronic control." -Caroline Myss

We can more easily control our identity, persona, and presence online, and there is comfort in that. However, chronic exhaustion from trying to have chronic control can take a toll. 

Our devices don't define us, and our lives in the real world are so much richer than what can be experienced online.

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